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Business Model –
Scalable SaaS Solution

Revolutionizing Healthcare with in-silico Diagnostics and Sustainable Revenue Streams

Step 1: Data Exchange and Digital Twin Creation

In the first step of lifespin’s scalable SaaS business model, healthcare partners send patient health data to lifespin for processing and analysis.

This data is transmitted securely to ensure privacy and compliance with health regulations. lifespin utilizes advanced NMR technology and AI algorithms to analyze the data and create a Digital Twin of the patient’s health status. The detailed health insights and analysis results are then sent back to the healthcare partner.

For this service, lifespin receives payment from the healthcare partner, establishing a steady revenue stream based on the volume and frequency of data exchanged.

lifespin’s algorithms and health assessment products are cloud-based and can be used globally.

Step 2: Upselling Through Cloud-Based Subscription

lifespin’s cloud-based subscription model provides continuous opportunities for upselling additional tests and services based on initial test results.

Once a digital blood sample is processed and analyzed, the healthcare partner can subscribe to additional diagnostic tests and health assessments. This model allows multiple tests to be performed on a single digital blood sample, maximizing the value extracted from each sample. The continuous monitoring and analysis enable lifespin to identify potential health concerns and recommend further testing, creating ongoing revenue streams from existing samples.

This scalable subscription model ensures that healthcare partners can offer comprehensive and up-to-date health insights to their patients.

Step 3: Scaling Through Lab Partner Integration

Lifespin achieves massive scaling by integrating with a wide network of lab partners through its plug-and-play platform.

By partnering with various laboratories worldwide, Lifespin ensures that its advanced diagnostic capabilities are accessible on a global scale. Each lab partner can seamlessly integrate Lifespin’s technology into their existing workflows, enabling them to perform multiple tests on digital blood samples and generate comprehensive health reports.

This widespread integration not only expands Lifespin’s reach but also creates a robust ecosystem of data exchange and analysis, driving continuous improvement in diagnostic accuracy and health insights. The scalable nature of this model allows for rapid growth and increased revenue generation as more lab partners come on board.

lifespin achieves massive scaling by integrating with various lab partners

lifespin is a genuine deep data play

Health information: the silent engine powering tomorrow’s economies
lifespin: Bridging precision medicine with economic efficiency for transformative care

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Dr. Roland Geyer

10+ years experience in NMR-based metabolomics and diagnostic.

Dr. Renate Kirchhöfer

CDO & Co-Founder
20+ years developing NMR-applications and bringing them to regulated markets.

Dr. Fritz Huber

CEO & Co-Founder
20+ years developing and marketing NMR-based assays—he is a pioneer in this field.

Dr. Ali Tinazli

CEO, lifespin GmbH

15+ years in Fortune 100 corporate strategy and entrepreneurship (SONY, HP).