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Frequently Asked Questions

Most common answers and questions
There is no minimum number of samples to run the experiment. The minimal required volume per sample is 450 µL (for blood samples). For further details please refer to the attached FAQs_Preanalytics.

Please find on our “Product” site our current product sheets for “standard” metabolic profiling of selected human body fluids. These are available off the shelf. In general our platform provides quantitative data.

Based on our steadily growing metabolite database (at the moment ~1.400 references; list will be provided for subsequent discussions) we would be able to discuss customized inclusion of further metabolites. In principle, we can check for all (>1.000) metabolites in one sample and would then quantify the identified ones. In average, 100-200 metabolites/parameters are reported, depending on the matrix and composition of the sample.

As our system has a high level of reproducibility, there is no need for the measurement of duplicates. Depending on the metabolite under consideration, the precision values ​​are in the range of a few percent. However, if you are interested in the measurement of duplicates, e.g. for the determination of certain precision CVs for single parameter, this is absolutely feasible.
Our product portfolio includes complete metabolite profiling for human body fluids (blood, urine, liquor, saliva or specialized life-science questions), statistical analysis of individual questions including biological interpretation, and/or comparison of individual samples against our control and indication groups. We are open to discuss every possible question. Please find attached an exemplary report from our datacenter – unfortunately only available in german at the moment, but maybe it helps to get an idea what is possible.

Several prototypes to address these questions are in development and could be applied at a later stage, because once digitized biosamples can be re-analyzed at any time.

Especially the unbiased comparison to our profile database will provide interesting insights and could be considered in a collaborative set up.

Therefore, we would also need reference concentration ranges. I saw on the website that you can provide reference data. Do you have a reference ranges for healthy population as well? If yes, how many healthy sample were used to set that reference range? Do you provide metadata from the subjects?

 We have set up a large database with metabolite profiles with more than 130,000 individual profiles. Based on these, comprehensive comparisons and analyses can be performed.

The processing times for the metabolite profiling for up to 1000 samples (blood or urine) are less than 7 working days after receipt of the material. The processing time for the statistical analysis and biological interpretation depends on the complexity of the question.
Depending on the question you have, we will be happy to send an individual and tailor-made quote. Standard metabolite profiling without additional interpretation is in a range < 100€/sample.
Finally, also the output depends on the question you have. Absolutely, a detailed report for all statistical analysis performed and lists including the metabolite concentrations for each sample are available. If required, we can also send a detailed report for each single sample. 

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