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May 23 - May 24

The leading event where knowledge and clinical adoption of precision medicine happens.

The second edition brings together a diverse line-up of over 70 international experts, knowledge leaders, and medical innovators to provide cutting-edge insights to drive healthcare from a one-size-fits-all model to a personalized, targeted approach.

PrecisionMed is running concurrently with the EMERGE 2050 investment forum, a thriving hub for pioneering health-tech startups to connect with potential investors.

Meet Dr. Ali Tinazli

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Dr. Roland Geyer

10+ years experience in NMR-based metabolomics and diagnostic.

Dr. Renate Kirchhöfer

CDO & Co-Founder
20+ years developing NMR-applications and bringing them to regulated markets.

Dr. Fritz Huber

CEO & Co-Founder
20+ years developing and marketing NMR-based assays—he is a pioneer in this field.

Dr. Ali Tinazli

CEO, lifespin GmbH

15+ years in Fortune 100 corporate strategy and entrepreneurship (SONY, HP).