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Lifespin’s Innovative Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Panel

Lifespin’s Innovative Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Panel: A Key Step in Precision Health and Antibiotic Resistance Control

REGENSBURG, Dec 4th, 2023 — Lifespin GmbH, an emerging force in Precision Health Information, today proudly unveils its Lifespin Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)-Antiinfectives Panel. This Laboratory Developed Test (LDT) represents a significant advancement in the field of personalized medicine and a crucial tool in combating the growing concern of antibiotic resistance.

In a groundbreaking move, Lifespin is extending the capabilities of its TDM-Antiinfectives Panel beyond its own diagnostic laboratories to licensed laboratories worldwide. This expansion is enabled by Lifespin’s innovative plug-and-play cloud system, which allows these labs to utilize Lifespin’s proprietary algorithm. Laboratories equipped with suitable hardware can now measure patient blood samples on-site locally and leverage Lifespin’s advanced software over the cloud for analysis. The panel, employing Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy technology, is designed to work seamlessly with Lifespin’s software. This integration ensures the precise determination of drug concentrations in human serum samples, essential for selecting the most effective treatments. The panel’s introduction is a response to the urgent need for more individualized approaches to antibiotic therapy. By offering precise measurements of drug levels in patient blood, Lifespin’s TDM-Antiinfectives Panel enables physicians to tailor treatments more effectively, addressing the challenge of variable patient responses to medications. This approach is key to preventing therapeutic failures and reducing the risk of developing antibiotic-resistant strains.

“The launch of our Therapeutic Drug Monitoring-Antiinfectives Panel is a momentous step in our mission to transform the landscape of precision health information. By making this technology widely accessible through our cloud-based system, we are empowering laboratories around the world to offer personalized and precise treatment options. We are optimistic about the future and eagerly anticipate further exciting product launches in 2024 that will continue to expand our capabilities in precision health and play a significant role in improving healthcare outcomes.”, states Dr. Ali Tinazli, CEO of lifespin.

With its focus on key anti-infectives like Cefotiam, Ceftazidim, Cefuroxim, Fosfomycin, Ceftriaxon, Flucloxacillin, Piperacillin, Fluconazol, and Flucytosin, the panel serves as an important tool in the global fight against antibiotic resistance. Lifespin’s contribution to precision health information through this panel is a testament to its commitment to improving healthcare outcomes and addressing one of the most pressing challenges in modern medicine.

As antibiotic resistance continues to be a global health threat, Lifespin’s dedication to enhancing diagnostic capabilities and fostering precision in healthcare is more important than ever. With the launch of the TDM-Antiinfectives Panel, Lifespin takes a significant step in contributing to better health outcomes and the responsible use of antibiotics in patient care.


Dr. Ali Tinazli, CEO, , +49-160-257-3458
Richard Hayhurst,, +44 7711-821527


Taken together, Lifespin’s technology and world-class database have the potential to enable differential diagnosis and early detection of health conditions, staging of diseases, monitoring of treatment success and personalized medicine, improving the gold standard in numerous indications and bringing about new diagnostic products, where none exist today (e.g., in some neurological diseases); precision drug monitoring for clinical, pharmaceutical and research settings; and precision nutrition for diabetes, obesity, dietary and lifestyle intervention.

Caption: Lifespin’s digitization and testing workflow and benefits compared to legacy methods (Illustration: Lifespin GmbH).

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Dr. Roland Geyer

10+ years experience in NMR-based metabolomics and diagnostic.

Dr. Renate Kirchhöfer

CDO & Co-Founder
20+ years developing NMR-applications and bringing them to regulated markets.

Dr. Fritz Huber

CEO & Co-Founder
20+ years developing and marketing NMR-based assays—he is a pioneer in this field.

Dr. Ali Tinazli

CEO, lifespin GmbH

15+ years in Fortune 100 corporate strategy and entrepreneurship (SONY, HP).