Our interdisciplinary team of dedicated scientists can boast of various technical publications. In addition, several publications are in the pipeline. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wahl, L.; Raschke, M.; Wittmann, J.; Regler, A.; Heelemann, S.; Brandsch, C.; Stangl, G.I.; Vervuert, I.: Effects of atherogenic diet supplemented with fermentable carbohydrates on metabolic responses and plaque formation in coronary arteries using a Saddleback pig model. PLOS ONE. 2022, 17(10):e0275214.

Wilmer, L., Tränkner, M., Pawelzik, E. & Naumann, M. Sufficient potassium supply enhances tolerance of potato plants to PEG-induced osmotic stress. Plant Stress 5, 100102 (2022).

Kanski, L.; Kahle, H.; Naumann, M.; Hagenguth, J.; Ulbrich, A.; Pawelzik, E.: Cultivation Systems, Light Intensity, and Their Influence on Yield and Fruit Quality Parameters of Tomatoes. Agronomy. 2021, 11, 1203.

Chea, L.; Pfeiffer, B.; Schneider, D.; Daniel, R.; Pawelzik, E.; Naumann, M.: Morphological and Metabolite Responses of Potatoes under Various Phosphorus Levels and Their Amelioration by Plant Growth‐Promoting Rhizobacteria. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021, 22, 5162.

Westermeier, P.; Albrecht, T.; Geyer, R.; Willner, E. and Hartmann, S.: Analysis of drought tolerance in perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) with methods of genomic prediction. Grassland Sci Europe, 2019, 24, 421-423.

Geyer, R.; Eickmeyer, F.; Rettig, M.; Heelemann, S.; Kirchhöfer, R.: Bedeutung einer effizienten Charakterisierung pflanzlicher Extrakte für die Züchtung und den Übergang von der Wildsammlung zum kontrollierten Anbau. Julius-Kühn-Archiv. 2018, 460, 72-75.


We are honored to have been selected as one of the finalists for the 5-HT Digital Health for Pharma program. We are excited to share our perspectives of digital solutions for pharma at the 5-HT Digital Hub – Chemistry & Health event on April 8th 2022

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Article about lifespin GmbH in the regional press (Donaukurier)

Das Regensburger Unternehmen Lifespin digitalisiert Stoffwechselproben und wagt heuer den Sprung in die USA – Auch die Harvard University ist bei der Entwicklung beteiligt

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lifespin GmbH secures €2.5M Bridge Financing

Lifespin GmbH Secures €2.5M Bridge Financing to Further Build its AI-Enabled
Metabolomics-Based Differential Diagnosis Panel for Neurological Diseases

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Article about lifespin GmbH in the clinical laboratory journal

Digitization of health

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In-depth feature of lifespin on GenomeWeb’s 360DX

Lifespin Using NMR to Develop Metabolomics-Based Diagnostics

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