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Imagine: being able to detect diseases through digital metabolomic analysis.

Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for diagnostics and health information is globally scalable.

We are building a proprietary database, already consisting of more than 200k individual human metabolomic profiles, to create a digital atlas of human health that provides deeper clinical insights based on metabolic information. This will enable precision diagnosis and personalized treatments. The number of applications of our platform is constantly growing to generate an all-encompassing spectrum of answers to a wide range of questions.

A unique method for capturing a digital snapshot of an individual’s metabolism.

Digitized Human
Metabolomic Profiles
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Our proprietary Database of 200k+ individual human Metabolomes is a Value Creation Engine

Our Database includes Metadata (e.g. Gender, Age, Weight, Health Status) which allows for the Automatic Recognition of Highly Comparable Reference Groups

lifespin™ Proprietary (Cloud)

lifespin™ HealthBook


Products for use in the regulated diagnostics field

Amino Acid Profile

The determination of the concentration of free amino acids in blood samples provides new, precise insights into individual health status.
*The product may only be used in the EEA area.

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Personalized Drug Treatment for improved therapy success with reduced toxicity and reduced therapy costs.

*The product may only be used in the EEA area.

RUO Products

Currently, we also offer “Research Use Only” (RUO) products for human medical research and pharmaceutical drug development, as well as clinical trial support:


The first commercial products in the regulated area, the lifespin Amino Acid Profile and the TDM-Antiinfectiva, was launched in 2023.

This will be followed by further tests in the field of therapeutic drug monitoring for neurology, and a lipid panel.

The clinical findings to date using lifespin’s technology platform in a research-use-only context are highly promising.

Our development department is working intensively on the following areas:

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