Saliva Biomarker Analysis (RUO*)


Product Benefits and Applications

Technical Specifications

Technology 1D 1H-NMR spectroscopy, lifespin‘s proprietary data analysis
Specimen type Human Saliva
Sample requirements 600 μL particle free biofluid Lower volumes possible upon request
No. of reported parameters Approx. 75
Report format Spreadsheet and analytical report
Reported units mmol/L or g/L
Sample shipping Ship on dry ice

Customized solutions

Matrix-specific Biomarker panel:

The lifespin Profiler provides multiparameter quantification for all types of biological samples. We currently collect metabolic data from blood, urine, saliva and liquor (CSF). Further sample requirements are available on request.

Extended Biomarker panel:

An extension of the metabolic profiles is possible and can be tailored individually. Customized extensions benefit from our lifespin database with currently more than 1000 different metabolites (list available on request).

Pharmacogenetics and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring:

Whether you require help with a more targeted analysis and research into pharmaceutical drug development, clinical trial accompaniment or Therapeutic Drug Monitoring – we support your exciting projects with our expertise and creativity.

Our offer

Service laboratory

We gladly digitize your samples. Up to 1000 samples in less than 7 working days possible.

Your metabolome scanner

We are happy to support you in planning and implementing your own system.

Cloud and IT based solutions

You have digitized your biological samples and need further data analysis? You look for reference data, statements on special age groups, gender-dependencies, comparative collectives, similarity and/or conspicuity analyses? We are happy to support you with our own data sets, technology platform and experts.

List of Saliva Biomarkers


  1. 1,2-Propanediol
  2. 2,3-Butanedione
  3. 2-Hydroxybutyrate
  4. 2-Hydroxyisobutyrate
  5. 3-Hydroxybutyrate
  6. 3-Hydroxyisovalerate
  7. Acetate
  8. Acetoacetate
  9. Acetoin
  10. Acetone
  11. Acetylcholine
  12. Acrylate
  13. Adenine
  14. Adenosine
  15. Alanine
  16. Arginine
  17. Asparagine
  18. Aspartate
  19. Betaine
  20. Butyrate
  21. Caffeine
  22. Choline
  23. Citrate
  24. Creatine
  25. Creatinine
  26. Dimethylamine
  27. Dimethylsulfone
  28. Ethanol
  29. Ethanolamine
  30. Formate
  31. Fructose
  32. Fucose
  33. Fumarate
  34. gamma-Butyrolactone
  35. Glucose
  36. Glutamate
  37. Glutamine
  38. Glycerol
  39. Glycine
  40. Glycolate
  41. Histidine
  42. Hypoxanthine
  43. Inosine
  44. Isoleucine
  45. Isopropanol
  46. Isovalerate
  47. Lactate
  48. Leucine
  49. Levulinate
  50. Lysine
  51. Malate
  52. Maleinate
  53. Malonate
  54. Mannitol
  55. Methanol
  56. Methionine
  57. myo-Inosito
  58. Nicotinate
  59. Phenylalanine
  60. Proline
  61. Propanol
  62. Propionate
  63. Pyridoxine
  64. Pyruvate
  65. Sarcosine
  66. Serine
  67. Succinate
  68. Taurine
  69. Threonine
  70. Tryptophane
  71. Tyrosine
  72. Urea
  73. Valine
  74. Xanthine
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