Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)

Drug level detection of Anti-Infectives

Personalized Drug Treatment for improved therapy success with reduced toxicity and reduced therapy costs.

Measuring and monitoring of the concentration of the drug in the blood allows continuous, individualized adjustment of the dose and prevents the drug from falling below the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) and thus the potential developing antibiotic resistance.

Determination of the effectiv free fraction of the drug in serum

Measurement of the total concentrations and the free and thus effective portion of the drug

Personalized dose administration taking into account age, ethnicity, metabolism and history

Detection of patient- and drug-specific variations in protein binding

Monitoring small variations can lead to significant changes in protein binding and thus the free fraction and efficacy.

lifespin has developed a method to determine the total drug concentration of an anti-infective in the blood and to digitally transmit the result within 12 hours.

Optimal medical care for critical patients remains a medical challenge due to significant individual pharmacokinetic
variability. In this context, therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) is establishing itself as an effective way to implement personalized medicine.

It enables physicians to personalize drug therapies, precisely control dosages and thus, through personalized drug dosing, achieve optimal treatment results while minimizing the risk of concentration-dependent side effects.

Our method determines the concentration of antibiotics and antifungals, requiring only 1mL of serum for fully automated analysis.

With TDM Anti-Infectives, you can quickly achieve the optimal active ingredient level and the dose that suits your individual needs.

Optimization of patient care

Personalized, cost-efficient dosing

Monitoring of therapy-relevant concentration thresholds (MIC)

Avoidance of undesirable side effects and toxicity

Delivery of results on the same day (<12 hours)*

Organized logistics from lifespin

* Samples received by 10 a.m. at lifespin

Information about the substances

Antibiotic Measuring range
Cefotiam S 20 -200 1
Cefuroxim S 35 - 175
Fosfomycin S 5 - 200 1
Piperacillin S 10 - 350
Piperacillin RUO, P 15 - 345
Flucloxacillin S 5 - 50
Ceftriaxon S 5 - 145
Cefotiam RUO, S 10 - 90
Antimycotic Measuring range
Fluconazole S 3 - 40
Flucytosine RUO, S 5 - 90

1: Combination with linezolid leads to lower precision.

RUO: Research Use Only. Does not provide direct patient care.

S: Serum

P: Plasma-Heaprin

In addition to the total proportion, the free proportion of the drug is determined analytically for certain drugs and output in the results report.


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