About us

Our goal: At lifespin, our goal is to provide people with the best possible knowledge about their health.

To do this, we gather experience about how risks, diseases and therapies develop. We can show what risks or patterns of disease the individual carriers, but also what therapies may be able to help them.
We want to be a solid building block in the foundation for the individual medicine of tomorrow. To this end, we are creating the digitalization of health diagnostics.


Excellence in Science, Technology and Business

Dr. Ali Tinazli

15+ years in Fortune 100 corporate strategy and entrepreneurship (SONY, HP).

Dr. Fritz Huber

CEO & Co-Founder
20+ years developing and marketing NMR-based assays—he is a pioneer in this field.

Dr. Renate Kirchhöfer

CDO & Co-Founder
20+ years developing NMR-applications and bringing them to regulated markets.

Dr. Roland Geyer

10+ years experience in NMR-based metabolomics and diagnostic.


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