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Discover the transformative benefits of Lifespin’s cutting-edge technology. Our platform leverages precise metabolomic insights to enable comprehensive prevention, accurate diagnosis, and effective enhancement of therapies. Explore how Lifespin is revolutionizing healthcare with real-time, disease-agnostic, and hypothesis-free health monitoring and management.

Prevention, diagnosis, and enhancement of therapies

Enabled by an AI information layer created through precise metabolomic insights.​


Comprehensively tracking organ functions in real-time while employing a disease-agnostic and hypothesis-free methodology for the detection of illnesses.


Detecting diseases specifically in an agnostic manner across oncology, neurology and inflammatory indications early on and potentially even before onset.


Stratifying patients, and monitoring of patients during treatment and in aftercare by detecting the patient’s responses to treatment.

lifespin is integrating NMR1 and AI to transform Metabolomics into an affordable tool to democratize precision medicine and enable population-wide screening.
1) NMR = Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometry

Metabolism – a gateway to understand human health

Metabolomic profiles are dynamic networks that we use to understand human health

Driving deep health and enabling affordable precision medicine

Combining detection technology and AI to build the metabolomic digital twin

Cyber-physical system:

Transforming analog blood samples to digital blood samples for health tests

Advanced detection:

Utilization of NMR and AI to digitally capture a comprehensive and quantitative metabolomic profile representing health status

Proprietary digital biobank:

A curated database comprising ample metadata and consisting of 240,000+ human datasets representing age and sex-specific metabolomes of healthy individuals and 700+ diseases

AI-enabled in-silico precision medicine:

Development of a “Metabolomic Digital Twin” for personalized in-silico health assessment through medical algorithms utilizing the lifespin database

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Human Profiles
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Healthy Profiles
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Disease Profiles
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“Nearly all diseases are linked to metabolism, which makes lifespin’s technology so powerful.”
Picture of Nobel Laureate<br>  Prof. Dr. James Rothman​
Nobel Laureate
Prof. Dr. James Rothman​

Sterling Professor of Cell Biology,
Yale University, Physiology/Medicine

Surpassing industry standards to redefine excellence

lifespin covers a broader target population at lower cost than illumina/ GRAIL
lifespin_logo_white illumina-grail-logo
icon1 Accessible Biomarkers Hundreds of clinical metabolomic parameters with countless quantitative correlations ctDNA
icon2 Information Metabolomic — real-time status of human health (What is actually happening or will happen) Genomic — pathological DNA activity (What may happen or What should happen)
icon3 Assumption Quantitative metabolic profiling becomes method of choice for assessment and diagnosis of health conditions ctDNA screening becomes definitive analyte of cancer and defines origin of tumor
icon4 Potential Outcome GRAIL is one of the leading cancer diagnostics companies
icon5 Addressable Market* $20B – $400B+ $20B – $200B
icon6 Targeted Population* Patients with metabolic ($18B), inflammatory ($2B), cardiovascular ($15.8B), neurological diseases ($12.9B), cancer ($214B), clinical trial cohorts ($54B), and corporate health ($87.2B Cancer patients
icon7 Test Price $50 – 500+ $500 – 1000
icon8 Test Frequency 1 – 24 times per year Once every 2 years
*Sources: Reports & Data, 2021; Technavio, 2021; Allied Market Research, 2018/2021; Brand Essence Research, 2021; iHealthcare Analyst, 2021; Industry Arc, 2021, Fortune Business Insights, 2021; Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence, 2018; Market Data Forecast, 2021; Markets & Markets, 2021; Statista, 2021; Grail Investor Presentation, 2016

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Dr. Roland Geyer

10+ years experience in NMR-based metabolomics and diagnostic.

Dr. Renate Kirchhöfer

CDO & Co-Founder
20+ years developing NMR-applications and bringing them to regulated markets.

Dr. Fritz Huber

CEO & Co-Founder
20+ years developing and marketing NMR-based assays—he is a pioneer in this field.

Dr. Ali Tinazli

CEO, lifespin GmbH

15+ years in Fortune 100 corporate strategy and entrepreneurship (SONY, HP).